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Not a constant, all day every day anxiety and depression–but it comes in seasons.It is nice to read that others deal with such issues and have the same thoughts. Reply Anxiety I are always having constant battles. I totally believe that cleaning and yoga are the biggest help for me.Like you said, Laura, knowing that others out their are struggling with the same things is very comforting.We can all find strength in the fact that we are never alone. Reply Thanks for sharing your own experience Laura. I am a person who is constantly worrying about the future and I sometimes forget to live in the present. Living in the present is something I am working on also. Eric sounds a lot like my hubby whenever I tell him what’s bothering me.I can relate to the post-school anxiety issues…it can be a big transition period, but also, a new and exciting chapter in your life to begin. I forget to enjoy the opportunities and experiences I am having in the now! His reaction almost always cheers me up:) I hope you are able to find comfort from him being by your side! I definitely needed this reminder in my life right now. =) Reply As much as I would never wish anxiety on anyone, it’s so nice to hear that I’m not the only one (I feel like it sometimes).I’m finding that I’m getting wrapped up in all the wrong things and then wondering why I feel so stressed out! I worry about the future and what might happen often. I can almost feel the relief you felt pouring from my computer monitor (the release you had must have been REALLY powerful! I love the honestly you have always brought to your blog.I still get caught in the multitasking trap you spoke of, which diminishes from the simply beauty of what you are doing at the moment and can disrespect the people you may be with at the time. I also have a lot of anxiety, especially when I start worrying about and trying to plan for the future.My mantra now, which I learned clinging to the side of a mountain is “Fully Present”. Just this week, a friend asked about what I plan on doing in a year after my boyfriend finishes his Master’s at NYU (I’m out here living with him and working while I figure out my life), and that question alone sent me into a week of worry, stress, and even slipping back into bad habits of poor body image and disordered eating.

Reply I’m so glad that getting it off your chest helped you. And I couldn’t agree more about the importance of writing in the healing process. I hope you continue to live in the moment and employ all those things that help you most – remember that we’re always hear to listen and help wherever we can!!

I’ve been making a true effort to change the way I think and to live in the present and it is amazing to me how much more I enjoy life when I do!

Reply Like you and many that have posted, I suffer from anxiety and depression.

As a fellow anxiety-sufferer, I am right there with you about living-in-the-moment.

These are wonderful ways of overcoming anxiety– especially the cleaning and decluttering.

I’m getting ready to move soon, and that is always a good time to get rid of stuff.

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