Whos dating on 90210

Heyerdahl was attempting to prove his theory that Mediterranean civilizations sailed to America in ancient times... C., the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, headed by Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina, begins televised hearings on the escalating Watergate scandal.One week later, Harvard law professor Archibald Cox was sworn in as special Watergate prosecutor. Marcia Kadish, 56, and Tanya Mc Closkey, 52, of Malden, Massachusetts, marry at Cambridge City Hall in Massachusetts, becoming the first legally married same-sex partners in the United States.Over the course of the day, 77 other same-sex couples tied the knot across the state, and hundreds more applied for...Influential English writer Dorothy Richardson, whose stream-of-consciousness style will influence James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, is born on this day in 1873.An overheated refrigerator motor sparked the horrible blaze that raced through the outdated jail.Only a year earlier, a gang fight at the same prison had left nearly 70 people dead. On May 17, 1970, Norwegian ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl and a multinational crew set out from Morocco across the Atlantic Ocean in Ra II, a papyrus sailing craft modeled after ancient Egyptian sailing vessels.Richardson, though seldom read today, was widely read and discussed in her own time.The daughter of a grocer who went bankrupt when she was 17, Richardson was well-educated...

On this day in 2012, singer and songwriter Donna Summer, who rose to fame during the 1970s with such disco anthems as “Love to Love You Baby” and “Hot Stuff,” dies at age 63 in Naples, Florida, after battling cancer.

Preceded by five B-52 strikes, which reportedly killed 300 North Vietnamese to the south, South Vietnamese forces arrive by helicopter to within two miles of An Loc in continuing efforts to relieve this besieged city.

It had been surrounded by three North Vietnamese divisions since early April. Henri Barbusse, author of Le Feu (Under Fire), the prize-winning, best-selling novel based on his service during World War I, is born on this day in 1873 in AsniÈres, France.

For Gorbachev, the meeting was a test of his skill and ability to maintain the crumbling Soviet empire. In Los Angeles, California, police surround a home in Compton where the leaders of the terrorist group known as the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) are hiding out.

The SLA had kidnapped Patricia Hearst, of the fabulously wealthy Hearst family publishing empire, months earlier, earning headlines across the country. A fire in an overcrowded Honduras prison kills 103 people on this day in 1994.

One thing the series should be known for is all the various hookups and couples that formed during its run.

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