Women in wheelchairs and dating


It’s emblematic of a reaction Becky deals with on a daily basis – people feeling they have to treat her and her body differently because of her disability.

‘People have been afraid to give me a hug before and asked permission before doing so,’ Becky explains.

First of all, there are SOOooooo many possible reasons one could be confined to the chair. I don't feel the need to give ALL the details-- obviously, some positions are not feasible, but there are enough that are. Being new to the site and to the forums, this has been very enlightening.

In my case, I have a slow progressive form of Muscular Dystrophy (everyone confuses this with MS. I have MD - muslce weakness from my shoulders to my knees - instead of muscle, I have jello lol). To the men that think someone in a wheelchair would hold them back from doing certain activities... There are many creative ways to adapt to situations if you are motivated to find them. If you guys weren't honest in your responses, how would I know what ya'll were thinking?

Becky ended up getting some photos taken by that photographer, which gave her the confidence to focus her final two university projects on her body and her disability.

You can speak to them like you would anyone else.’ The message of her project is simple: don’t judge someone based on the appearance of their body.

‘Don’t just look at someone and assume something,’ says Becky.

Becky has struggled with her confidence and often feels self-conscious.

And so deciding to do a series of self-portraits – focusing entirely on her body – was a big deal.

‘The condition does really affect my dating life which is such a shame.

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