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Basically it's just a very small little detail that triggered a general rule, the detail can easily be neglected or interpreted in multiple ways. On her third visit to the gloryhole, she is dressed with her dance clothes.This was probably the first time I had mixed feelings, I'm actually pretty sure that if we knew each other in real life we would have been great friends, anyway good for you if you left the industry for you, take care, alright? Is there a possibility that she made that video when she was a minor, or did she, in fact, abandon the dance later?Also some custom works for private collectors that only a tiny fraction has leaked. So you are saying that your life is not complete without the FTVX video? Due to the confusing name, the website is now blocked from indexxx.

Yes, I've read those posts, but they don't address my questions.

It matched the room/bed from the Youtube videos about quitting porn. So spare us your sanctimonious bull shit and head out for some spotted dick and go troll somewhere else. If having a life beyond seeing that video is dumb then I am happy to be dumb. Looks like it's just an affiliate site of FTVGirls and FTVX.

Well, Claire's been done multiple times and resurfaced doing more porn. As far is I see, there are no reasons to belief it's owned by the owner of FTVGirls.

Either the investigation is still ongoing or nothing illegal actually happened and he’s struggling to get his property back from the cops.

Someone should pop the question on ADT in the ftv/melody thread and see what Melody and the other people close to Rob have to say.

It seems you and at least one other person aren't quite convinced she'll ever stop.

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